Mid Autumn Festival Lantern 2014

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Mid Autumn Festival low price essay writing service is a Chinese traditional festival for family reunion.  Apart from mooncakes, lantern is also important in this chiefessays.net festival. Traditional lantern is made from paper with candle inside, which is dangerous and not environmental friendly cause it produce carbon dioxide and various poisonous gas. So this year, i plan to make lantern that is completely DIY ,bsn capstone project ideas reusable and using clean energy.

My Lantern Goal

  • Mobile phone controllable
  • Various lighting modes
  • Responsive
  • Low power consumption
  • Reusable
  • Clean / Recycle power source
  • Easy assemble / dissemble
  • Easy for firmware development

 My Tasks

  1. Technology selection
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. Hardware Prototyping
  4. Software Design
  5. PCB Design
  6. PCB Production
  7. Outlook Design
  8. Sourcing
  9. Soldering
  10. Assemble
  11. BLE firmware development
  12. Arduino firmware / light effect development
  13. Android SDK development
  14. IOS SDK development



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Software design



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Hardware design

The PCB start from simple prototyping of breadboard, attaching to arduino pro mini to BLE Development Board.


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The Mid Autumn Festival Night

I used a 2 port usb portable charger to give power to the 2 lanterns, ( put inside the white plastic bag , linked up with blue usb extension cable ), the power usage is incredible small because only used 10-20% for 5-6 hours non-stop light up .


After i installed the lantern, a couple come across and ask me to show them the app and effect , and praised my design, that’s very encouraging.



I also prepared some hot air balloon lantern, i wrote up a candle light effect with arduino then powered up with lithium battery, the top of the balloon is lighted up by RGB LEDs, without BLE module. The battery perform extremely well and still remain bright all night. This hot air balloon is so famous that many people around take a picture in front of it.


This glue and stick hand made horse is also cute.

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