Octoprint- Add value to your 3D printer

    Octopi is a customized octoprint firmware for raspiberry pi , custom LCD service running to display octopi parameters, wifi dongle is used for better reception and can act as AP wifi mode , the frame is also printed by the 3D printer The overview of the octopi with a spot camera , this camera…

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Lantern 2015 preview

Just some pics and videos from lantern 2015, details will be updated later Coin Battery Powered Tiny Rabbit, light effect is controlled by Bluetooth ANT+ central device   Smaller than a palm, wearing coin battery at the back, receiving  commands from cenral device   Environmental friendly electric “glow stick” , say no to pollution Modification of…

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Wola, give birth to Beaconcube ( ibeacon )

The beaconcube ( highly customized ibeacon ) finally come to life after a year of hard work. Originally the firmware this written in 8051 platform, however, due to poor battery performance and not support background detection on iOS,the chipset manufacturer is replaced and rewriten to ARMS plaform. After months of testing, this move is proven…

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Found New Arduino to IOS Connection Method !!
Faster and more reliable connection than BLE

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